Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We have had such a great Easter!

The Easter bunny made a stop by our house last night! Hudson asked that they place their baskets in the middle of the den floor so the Easter bunny wouldn't miss them. :) He also asked how the Easter bunny was going to know what to bring him since he never got to tell him. Easter bunny fail over here. I just don't like making a big deal about the Easter bunny. We've seen him before, and the boys had their picture made with him last weekend, but we didn't make a special trip or anything and that is fine with me. I knew when I asked Hudson why we celebrated Easter and he said because the Easter bunny came that we needed to refocus! Ha! He will now tell you the entire resurrection story, so we have definitely come a long way this year. Anyway, the Easter bunny did come and the boys were thrilled with their little treats.

 This picture makes me laugh...out of 1,000 pictures that I take at a time, there's probably only one or two good ones. This was an outtake obviously, but they are happy and that is all that matters!

 They were being so sweet this morning, and looked precious in their little outfits.

Then we got our annual picture in front of the cross at church. The wind was terrible this morning, so this was the best we could do. Not very good!
After church with the Reed's, we headed to my parents' house for Easter lunch. My brother and sister in law and Morgan were there, and my grandmothers, and one of Mama Jean's friends came too. Oh and my aunt and uncle! We had a great time, and it was such a pretty day today! We spent a lot of time outside. The kids had several egg hunts, got some goodies from the Easter bunny who visited Mom and Dad, and we ate a delicious lunch!

We've got the Easter egg hunting thing down pat now.

 Nothing like sticking out a tongue to ruin a decent family picture...ha!

 I think my parents hid 100 eggs. The boys loved it!

We ended our time at Mom and Dad's with a ride in Big Daddy's new car. Hudson has been asking to ride in it for weeks now and his wish finally came true! You could hear the boys' giggles all the way down the street. They loved this (don't worry, they only drove around the neighborhood--no major streets!)!

After naps at our house, we headed to the Reed's house. Surprisingly, the Easter bunny made his way there too! :) After playing with their goodies for a bit, we then headed to Joel's aunt and uncle's house and had dinner over there. The boys had a blast entertaining baby Nolan. They love that baby. It was another really good meal...we are officially stuffed.

What a fun day and a great way to celebrate Easter!

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