Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Iphone Catch Up

My big camera has not made too many appearances this summer, so I thought I might need to do a quick Iphone recap of some of our other summer activities that haven't made it on the blog yet. Some of these are from back in May, but oh well!
Sweet boy sleeping on the way to the beach!
I'm not sure where this was...beach maybe???

I took the boys to the zoo on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend while Joel worked on the bathroom (don't ask where this project stands!) and just let them do whatever they wanted to. So, Hudson rode the camel for the first time (which was really kind of a rip off if you ask me--he took one lap around the area and that was it!). We also rode the train, saw the dinosaurs, carousel, ALL the animals, you name it, we did it! Love our zoo!

I have never been there when the turtles got fed, so this was exciting. This was free (shocker!) and Hudson is still talking about feeding the huge turtle! He did get a little scared when the turtle tried to take his finger off! Ha! Harrison actually got to feed the turtle too! Couldn't take a picture of that though because I needed all hands on deck!

Tailgating at the Red Bar! One of our favorite things to do!

This was at the summer reading kick off event at the Vestavia Library. I'm a member of PALS and my job this year was to work this event. I took Hudson with me and he helped me register kids and give them their summer reading packets. Hudson was hilarious and truly was my little helper and loved every second of it. We had a lot of fun and I'm glad he came with me! They did have bouncies, face painting, and a balloon man/story time thing too! Fun afternoon!

We went to Caroline's birthday party after the summer reading event, which was outside at her parent's house...couldn't find Hudson anywhere and finally found him WITH the birthday girl playing in one of their back rooms. They were having a blast! So much for the actual birthday party.

The end of a long, long day for Hudson! He almost never falls asleep in the car anymore! Hard to believe that I was able to take him straight to his room, put him into his PJ's, and into bed and he never woke up! He was worn out.

A much anticipated picnic at Railroad Park that for obvious reasons (check out the storm in the background) didn't happen. So, we took our picnic basket and had lunch by Hudson's train table at home. Same thing, right?!?!
Fun night with friends! I would like to say that they all laid here and watched a movie and stayed quiet so the adults could hang out, but clearly, that didn't happen. It made for a cute picture though even if this scene only lasted for about 30 seconds!

Harrison's favorite thing in the world is to be outside doing anything.

And folks, this is what you get when Harrison doesn't get his way! Classic meltdown. No, we do not let our kids hang out on the kitchen table!

Joel and I got to visit the new Regions Field one night at a work event. We had storms all around us, but the game still played on! It is such a nice ball park. We can't wait to go back!

Just being a mess...again...
And again (he was stealing food off other people's plates at this point!)...
No words for this...he looks a little Steve Urkel like! :)

Have I mentioned the boys like trains???? Haha, here we are AGAIN at Irondale Café. Our new favorite hotspot for watching trains. Hudson asks just about every day if we can go to Irondale.
 Happy boy saying "cheese" and taking pictures!

We've had such a busy (and FUN) summer so far!

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