Sunday, July 28, 2013

24 Hour Getaway

For Father's Day, the boys and I gave Joel tickets to the Braves game for this past weekend. He is obsessed with the Braves--he watches them almost every single day. I knew he would love to actually go to a game, and it was something that we had never done together. Then, my Dad had front row tickets to the BB&T Atlanta Open tennis tournament that same day and since my Mom ended up having surgery, they weren't going to be able to go so he asked us if we wanted them--of course we did! So, the plan was to go to the tennis, go to the Braves game, and then spend the night in Atlanta. Of course, then Harrison's surgery got scheduled and it was not looking good for us to go because we were supposed to be giving him the IV antibiotics through Saturday. Not to mention, even if we didn't have to do the antibiotics, we felt really bad putting the kids on the Reed's again because they have helped us with them so much lately. In the end though, the Reed's were kind enough to take them for 24 hours and we got some much needed time away. Even if it was only a day/night, we'll take it! This was actually the first time we had left Harrison overnight without one of us being home! And he's almost 2!  
Here we are at the tennis tournament. We were right on the front row and I really thought we might get pegged with a ball! We watched the semi-finals doubles match before we had to leave for the Braves game.
We also watched this guy, Ryan Harrison, warm up for his semi-final singles match later that day. I wish we could have stayed for his match! He was pretty cute! Ha!

We made it to the Braves game and had a great time there too! The game was a pitcher's duel  through 8 innings, so if you like no hits, you would have liked this one. I personally like a little more action, but it was still fun. The Braves finally scored in the 8th inning and won the game! So, it did get exciting (for a second!)!

We ended up driving to Mentone after the game and staying at the cabin Saturday night. We had an awesome dinner at the Wildflower Café and then called it a night. We were pooped! What a fun day it was!

The boys had a blast with Migi and Pops at the lake and were not happy to see us this morning! Oh well, I guess that is a good sign they were having fun. :)

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