Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 9 Months!

Here are big buddy's 9 month stats from the doctor today:

Weight: 23 pounds, 15 ounces (95th percentile, aka HUGE!)
Height: 29.5 inches (75th-90th percentile)
HC: 18.5 inches

We learned at the doctor today that he has MRSA (staph) in his ear. Basically, due to all of the ear infections that he has had and all the antibiotics he has been on, the infection is now resisting the antibiotics. We are on a new antibiotic now that is supposed to kill it for good, so hopefully, this will do the trick. Thankfully, Harrison has been such a happy baby lately. We are loving this stage with him.
He has gotten busy this month. Holding him is next to impossible now! He is a wiggle worm. He is definitely on the move now. Just in the past couple of days, he has started crawling forward. He can also get from a laying down position to sitting up and is also starting to pull up on everything. He needs to slow this process down! We had to lower his crib tonight because he kept pulling up in it. We awoke to him banging the top of his crib this morning at 2 am. He was just having a grand ole time!

This is funny, but for the past few days, he has fallen asleep in his crib sitting up. I need to get a picture of it. It's almost a little creepy though because his eyes are usually open! He is clearly asleep though.

He has major separation anxiety. If I am in sight, it's over. He cries most days at daycare when I drop him off. It is so sad! I was never "the chosen one" with Hudson so I am definitely soaking these days up. Hudson always preferred Joel over me as a baby. Of course, Harrison is only saying "Da da da da" and no "Ma ma" yet! Oh well, don't they always say Dada first???

Harrison is really starting to eat a lot of table food. So far, he has not been picky at all. He will eat most anything I give him. He will let me know when he wants more for sure! We cannot sit at the dinner table and not give him anything or he will be mad! I haven't really started the sippy cup yet, but I've got to get going on that because I really want to be done with bottles by his birthday, which by the way is in 3 months--crazy!

These two are becoming fast buddies and I love it. Hudson just adores his baby brother. If he's crying in his crib, Hudson has to go check on him. He gives him plenty of hugs and kisses throughout the day too! He always wants to know where "Baby Harrison" is.

He's wearing mostly 18 month clothes now and size 4 diapers.
He LOVES the dogs! They just crack him up every time they come near him.
Unfortunately, Harrison had his first fall this morning. I was in the bathroom getting ready and he was in our room playing with toys in the middle of the room. I heard a thud (which is never a good thing!) and then screaming and realized that he had made his way over to the wall where my dresser is and apparently was trying to pull up on the dresser and fell and hit the drawer pull from my dresser right above his eye. There was lots of blood and it definitely split open a good bit. I thought for sure we would have to at least get the glue today, but thankfully, Dr. Cortopassi thought it would heal ok on its own. It was scary though! Hudson never did that!
It hasn't hindered him too much today though!
And I can't leave out this big boy who is just the sweetest 3 year old that ever lived!
Happy 9 months to my big little guy!

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  1. Awww! I have a chunky monkey baby too, aren't they the best?! What a sweet big brother.