Monday, December 28, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad...Duck?

Look at this sad face!!! He is absolutely terrified of his new duck tub. This is going to make a great story at his rehearsal dinner someday. My little boy...who is tough as nails, loves to play rough, loves BIG dogs, I could go on and on about how much of a BOY he truly is...but, he is terrified of a duck! There is something wrong about this!

His aunt Carrie got him this tub because he has had several incidents in the tub recently. We were hoping that this would help contain him and provide some padding! He loves to climb all over the tub, swim all over the place, and just be a boy, but sometimes he would slip before you even knew what happened. I'm always sitting right there and most of the time I am holding on to him when it happens, but it still happens! Ahh! Anyway, this was our solution and he hates it. He takes one look at the duck and starts shaking and screaming.

This was Joel trying to tell him that the duck is nice! Ha!

Oh well, so much for the duck tub. It's back to the regular tub. He now has some FABULOUS new bath toys though, so maybe that will make him stop wanting to climb the tub!


  1. How funny! I was thinking of getting one for Hastings but may have to rethink it :-)

  2. Aww Carter LOVES his duck tub!!!!! He has been in it though since he graduated from the baby plastic one. Did you know that the beak has a squeaker in it?!!? I didn't realize it until I picked it up by that one time. :) It died not long after that but I thought it was cute! Carter just lounges in his & it is nice to have a sort of cushion around him. Give Hudson a chance...he may start to like it! Oh & I loved all your Christmas pics...I hope to post mine sometime today.