Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stop That Ball!

My favorite book growing up was called "Stop That Ball." It was about a little boy who had a ball that rolled down the street and ended up going all over town. I know, strange book for a girl, but I had older brothers and loved sports. Barbie dolls and dresses were not my thing. Anyway, I had memories brought back about that book when Hudson yanked off a Christmas ball off the tree and it slipped out of his hands and rolled all over the room. He had a blast trying to get it back! I managed to sneak a few pictures as he crawled through the shelf under the coffee table to get it!

I'm going to get that ball!

Almost got it!

Darn...rolled away again.

No worries, I can still get it!

He is a mess these days!

We have had SUCH a busy weekend. We had my work Christmas party at Vestavia Country Club Friday night, which was a really fun time. I actually won a door prize! Yay! I won $50 to Walmart, and sadly it has already been spent. Oh well! It sure did beat the $50 to Starbucks that I got last year, seeing as though I don't even drink coffee! However, I was still grateful to win a prize both years because normally, I am never one to win anything! Little man stayed with Joel's parents and we picked him up on the way home. We were hoping he would sleep in a little bit on Saturday morning, but nope, up and going at 6 am! Ugh! We were so tired. Joel kept Hudson all morning Saturday while I went and tried to finish up my shopping. Unfortunately, I still have some folks to go, including my hubby. My idea for him fell through so it is back to square one!
We went over to our friends Derrick and Nicole's house last night for some fun. There were several couples over there. Hudson actually made it until 9 pm before we decided we probably needed to head home! He did so well. It helped that there were other kids there for him to watch. Derrick and Nicole have a little boy a few months older than Hudson and I swear, we had half of the offensive line for Vestavia Hills high school covered. They don't need to worry about that in about 15 years! Hudson and Paxton are big boys! Anyway, it was great visiting with everyone and we need to do that again soon!
We went to church this morning and then celebrated Christmas and birthdays with Cameron and Caroline at the Tavern at the Summit. It was so fun and Hudson and I got some great gifts! Thank you, thank you! We are headed to Joel's parents' house tonight to celebrate his Dad's birthday! Lots of December birthdays around here. I'm just glad we get so much family time in this time of year. I just love it!

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