Friday, March 6, 2009

Hudson is Home!

Hudson was finally discharged yesterday afternoon from the NICU. The doctor told us that his issues were caused by one of two things: he either has bad reflux, or he swallowed a bunch of stuff during delivery that he had a hard time getting out. They completely ruled out any kind of infection in his blood, which was their concern when he went in there. We think it is the reflux because he is already a projectile spitter upper, but who knows! I think we went through 4 outfits in about 3 hours when we got home yesterday! It is so nice to have our little guy with us though. That was a long two days that he had to be there. We actually got a great night's sleep last night too! If we can just keep up this schedule, we will be doing great! Our other babies, the puppies, were in for a surprise when we got home yesterday. We thought Chloe would not leave Hudson alone, but it is Jack that is the one that is the most curious. I think Chloe is just mad at us! Hopefully, she'll come around. We gave Hudson his first sponge bath last night, and let's just say he was not too thrilled about it! I wish I had taken pictures, but they would have just been of him screaming! Maybe we'll try to take some tonight. He went to see the pediatrician today, and everything checked out great. He is almost back up to his birth weight...he is eating like a champ! He had a little bit of jaundice when he was in the NICU so they wanted to check that, but when the doctor saw him, he didn't even check it because he said he looks great. Anyway, here are some pictures from yesterday when we came home.

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