Monday, November 26, 2018

July 2018

We spent most of July at the beach! It was wonderful. July 4th weekend kicked it off...nothing like being on 30a with thousands of other people for a holiday weekend. :)
We do LOVE hearing the symphony at Seaside--it's worth getting in the mess and spending an hour trying to park. Something about all the kids in their red, white and blue dancing around, sipping on your wine, and listening to patriotic songs is one of my most favorite things!

Each morning started with a walk. The kids loved exploring around Draper Lake.

 LOTS of beach time! The kids never got out of the water it seemed.

 We also enjoyed walks at sunset. There is nothing more beautiful!

 Catching frogs was one of Harrison's highlights.

 Dinner out at Shunk Gulley one night...I think this was the only time we went out to eat on this trip.

After July 4th weekend, Hudson went to camp at Camp Winnataska for a week. This was his first time to do the full week and he LOVED it. He was not ready to come home! We've already scheduled his week next year. He had the best group of buddies join him.

 I did get a call after the second night to tell me that Hudson had thrown up in the night. My heart sank because I thought I was going to have to go pick him up (he would have been so upset), but they said they thought he just got too hot and he ate too much. The REAL story was that I had sent a bag of gummy snakes in his care package that day, and instead of making sure they lasted the week, he ate the ENTIRE bag. So of course he threw up! Dummy. What's worse is that he was on a top bunk, and he puked all over two of his buddies' beds! Whoops! :) He was absolutely fine though and it made for a good story!

This was pick up day. I thought Harrison would love going to pick up his brother, but I think he enjoyed his week of being an only child!

We headed straight back to the beach after camp pick up and stayed another week, just our little family of 4 this time. It was glorious.

 I guess we were relaxing too much to take many pictures, which was just fine!

After we got back from the beach, we headed to the lake before school started. The house was ALMOST finished, so we weren't able to stay there just yet, but we did have a little fun!

Harrison and his "Dog." Dog might be going to college with Harrison. This has been his lovey since birth and I keep thinking he'll give it up, but we're 7 years in and going strong. He's had a few minor "surgeries", and has this REALLY annoying rattle in him, but he's Harrison's comfort so we love him too!

That wraps up July!

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