Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Back to School!

The baby headed off to Kindergarten this fall! He was SO ready (academically) to be in Kindergarten, but so not excited about actually going. The PTO puts these cute superhero capes on all the new Kindergartener's mailboxes a few days before school and I thought this would be the thing that got Harrison excited, but man, this picture below is the result of a major bribe. He did not even want to get out of the car to get the cape, and threw a big fit! 

We had a back to school dinner at Joel's parent's house and his Aunt Gail made the cutest cookies!

Hudson started 3rd grade this year! He was so excited to FINALLY have buddies in his class this year.
He got Ms. Pennington for 3rd grade and to be honest, this was the one teacher I was hoping to avoid. Doesn't that always happen?!!? Well, I'm truly eating my words because this is one of the BEST teachers we have had to date and Hudson just loves her. It has been such a great year so far!

Harrison got Mrs. Chavers for kindergarten and had several buddies in his class too. For that, I was thankful because there are 11 kindergarten classes I think, so to have buddies was HUGE. He was a lot more excited after Meet the Teacher day. I think he just had some nerves!

Harrison was invited to a little kindergarten get together right after he met his teacher. It was good for him to meet up with some friends that would all be starting together the next day.

And then it was finally his turn! All smiles!
 I'm so thankful that he has one year at this school with his big brother. Hudson took Harrison to his class for at least the first week until he got the hang of it. He was so sweet!

With Hudson, I remember going through the carpool line on his first day and basically throwing him out the door when we pulled up. It was pretty terrible. All I remember is him looking back at me helpless because he didn't know where to go, and I was forced to drive on! Bad memories! So, with Harrison, I walked him to the door on the first day and said our goodbyes. That was much better!

Harrison had a great first day and has loved Kindergarten ever since! I knew he would. Now if we can just get him to start showing some self control in class, we'd be doing really good! :)

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