Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mercedes Marathon and Pinewood Derby Weekend

Well hello blog! It's been a while! I thought we were busy with our little ones several years ago, but it's nothing compared to now. We literally have baseball 4 times during the week and for 4 hours on Saturdays! It's crazy. Add in cub scouts, guitar lessons, homework, and a husband out of town for what feels like forever, oh and busy season, blogging has taken a back seat. I have a lot to update on and I'm determined to keep this going.
At the beginning of February, Hudson ran in the Mercedes Kids Marathon for the third year in a row. I honestly tried to get him to not do it this year (it's total chaos), but he loves it. And there is something about watching them run the final stretch to the finish line that makes our parent hearts happy, so we face the madness with a smile. Ok, maybe a half smile...but when it's over and we are back in our cars, it's the greatest day ever! :)
Of course we had to run with friends. There is no better way! We are missing a couple in this picture, but man, this is one sweet group of boys. Their moms and dads are pretty sweet too!
 My child...never a dull moment. Let's not even talk about that headband! So hilarious!

 I did not get a good view of him coming down the home stretch this year, but he was flying!

He ran the mile in 8:40. I'd say that's pretty fast for a 7 year old! Heck, that's pretty fast for a 35 year old! :) He did not come through with any of his buddies this year and when I asked him about it, he said they were too slow for him! I think he may have a running calling...he loves it.

 Found Haines at the finish line!
We had 30 minutes from the end of the run to get to our church for Hudson's first cub scout Pinewood Derby. He was SO excited. His car was definitely the craziest...it was ALL Hudson's creation (well, the decorating part) and it was totally his personality. His car did not look like any of the others and I love that.
 Haines again with their cars!
Unfortunately, his car did not perform as well as, ahem, his daddy, would have liked. His daddy, the engineer, should have had the fastest car in the derby. Ha! I'm not sure who was more upset at the performance, Hudson or Joel.

However, all was redeemed when Hudson won first place for design! Out of all of the cars in the entire derby, his car, "Bad Hair Day," won! Hudson was holding out hope that maybe this might happen and it did! We were so proud of him! What a fun first Pinewood Derby. Next year, the Reed's will be working on our speed! :)


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