Friday, July 15, 2016

June Fun

I'm just going to wrap June up in one post. We had a good first full month of summer! We filled it up with fun for sure.  
Vestavia has started having an event on the first Friday of every month right near our house. We went to the first one in June and while it was hot as blazes, we had so much fun! There was a band and food and drinks, and a lot of booths although we did not really venture through them all. The kids were obviously having a good time!

Joel got home the next weekend! We were all happy to be reunited!

Hudson went to Camp Sumatanga the first week in June for a day camp and had so much fun. The second week, I volunteered at Vacation Bible Camp and led a first grade group! These were a few of my crazy boys. Wow, they were wild. The girls were SOOO sweet though and I always had one (or two!) in my lap. I loved every minute.

 I had a couple of really sweet young helpers too. I really could not have done it without them!

The boys had a lemonade stand to raise money for the church! A storm blew in about 15 minutes after they got it all set up. They did make $5 though! :)

 We went to Railroad Park one afternoon and then tried the new Hattie B's for dinner. So yum!

 Mr. Cool Guy in his shades!

 Harrison had a walking field trip to Donato's one day. He thought he was hot stuff getting to do this! They made these tie dye shirts too!

 We went to the cabin and lake one weekend. No pictures at the cabin, but we got the boat out at the lake and rode the hot dog and had a good time! Joel decided to get a little cute on the hot dog and try and jump the wake, and of course it ended up tumping the whole thing. Hudson went flying off. It was his first time to fall and it scared him a little, but he jumped right back on and wanted to go again!

 Joel's parents are building a new lake house and so in the meantime, they have a camper that they are sleeping in. They had the boys spend the night in the camper that night while Joel and I gladly went back to the cabin to sleep in our comfy beds! Ha! Hudson says that this was one of the best parts of his summer! He loved it! Harrison ended up with a fever that night and then had a night terror, so I'm not sure the Reed's would rank that night up there as one of their favorites, but they survived! :)

 Sweet boy fishing on the dock!

 Love this picture of Hudson! Such a happy kid doing what he loves best!

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