Saturday, December 12, 2015

December Happenings

We are well into Christmas around here! Hudson told me the other day that this was his favorite time of year and I have to agree! 

We actually put most of our Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving this year. It was SO nice and I feel like we've gotten to enjoy it more this year than ever! And the best part was that we didn't come strolling into town after Thanksgiving and have to rush to get it all done. Maybe one of these days I will go around and take some pictures! I just love our house with Christmas up...I wish it could stay up all year. It's just so cozy! 

I started the Christmas season with our annual girl's ornament swap. I had the BEST night I've had out in a while! So many laughs that night. I'm blessed to have all of these girls as sweet friends. They have really gotten me through so much and are just good for my soul. 

Next up was Breakfast with Santa at Harrison's school. Harrison LOVES Santa this year. It's all he can really talk about. Everyday he asks if it is Christmas yet! All of his little stories these days are filled with, "What if Santa...." It is so cute, and makes this season that much more fun! 

This is not Christmas related, but Hudson has now had 2 basketball games! He loves basketball. He just hasn't really figured out how to play it yet. :) Thankfully for everyone, while they do keep score, it is definitely not serious!

 We moved our Christmas tree from our den to our living room this year. We all agreed that it looked way better in the living room, but we sort of missed having a tree in the den too! And with an artificial tree, you don't get the whole picking out the tree experience (that I have literally complained about for years because it is so frustrating--but when you stop doing it, you miss it!). So last Saturday, we headed to the tree lot to pick out a small tree for our den. We didn't have any ornaments for it, but we've displayed all of our Christmas cards we have received and it looks so good! We ran into Santa at the tree lot. Santa would not smile for me!

 That night we had to put the boys in their Christmas pjs and take a picture. I just loved this one!

Last Sunday afternoon, my good friend Margaret had her annual gingerbread house decorating party. We had so much fun! 

Margaret had them make 2 ornaments first, then do the gingerbread house, then they decorated cookies! Let's just say there was a lot of sugar consumed that afternoon! 

Even Harrison had buddies there this year! It is so fun to see him develop friendships now! He's no longer having to try to keep up with the big boys. He has his own set to play with!

 Harrison consumed more candy than actually went on his house...

 The whole group! Margaret was mighty brave this year to have all of us take over her home for the afternoon! This is one of our favorite events of the year though. The kids love it, and of course I love the moms so it's fun for us too!
 Most of the big boys!
 I have all of the kids pictures with Santa displayed in frames on a table in our den and I just love going back and looking at the Santa pictures from when they were babies. We've come a long way! While I do miss the screaming pictures with Santa, these are pretty cute too!

 Hudson asked for legos (shocker!) and Harrison asked for an Alvin the Chipmunk stuffed animal. We had just gone to a toy store before this and he had a really hard time leaving Alvin there! We are really hoping Santa can pull through on that one as there was only one left! :) We went with friends and ate at Chick Fil A afterwards. Such fun. I'm pretty sure Brookwood Mall was ready for us to leave...the kids were wild and crazy!

Thursday night was my work Christmas party. It was a Honky Tonk Christmas theme so we had to dress up. It was at Iron City and they had a country band playing. We had a great time! I have the best co-workers! We work hard and play hard! 

Well that's it for the past couple of weeks! More fun to come in the next 2 weeks too! This is the last week of school and then we are ALL off for 2 weeks. It cannot get here fast enough!

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