Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beyond Frustrated

Harrison has another ear infection...sigh. I sound like a broken record. I feel SO BAD for this little guy. It started draining last Tuesday, exactly two weeks after the surgery that cleaned his ear completely out (not even going to mention the amount of money that it cost us for it to not work). I emailed our pediatrician and told him the situation and told him that we already had an ENT appointment set up for Friday and whether or not we should go ahead with an oral antibiotic. Dr. C. immediately emailed the ENT--got a response back that said the ENT would talk to us on Friday about MRSA as he has studied kids that have this and have become resistant to antibiotics. We went ahead with the oral antibiotic and were looking forward to getting answers at our appointment. Five days of antibiotic has not even touched the infection. Even the other ear that is normally the good ear is now draining.

Anyway, so we show up Friday for our appointment and guess what, there are no doctors at the office on Fridays. They don't even work Fridays. We were only seeing the nurse, who told us that his ear was draining and we would have to come back in two weeks. Really?!?!? Thanks for completely wasting my time! I just about blew up on the poor guy. Told him we were expecting to see the doctor--that our pediatrician had talked to him about it. All he could do was say he was sorry.

 I go to schedule the next appointment and guess what, they have NO openings until the end of the month. I despise this place--not only does it take an act of Congress to even get in there within the next year, they have no sense of urgency at all when it comes to their daily appointments either. It is easily a 2 hour trip for each appointment and you only see the doctor/NURSE for 2 seconds. I went off on the poor scheduling lady. I was so mad that I was almost in tears! Thankfully, the nurse that we had met with was nearby and he was able to get us to a "higher up" person who was able to somehow get us in on the 11th. It was no problem for her. I just don't understand!

 So, until then, our little mess is going to suffer with ears that just won't clear up. Oh yeah, and I'm in the middle of busy season and every day that I have to miss means that I get more and more behind. I hope that someday we can look back on this season and laugh because sometimes it is just so hard!

Most days, Harrison has just learned to live with it, but I know it is not comfortable! I know that there are much worse things that could be wrong with him so I am thankful that we are only dealing with this. I'm not going to lie though, it has been the most frustrating thing we've had to deal with.

At least he can still make us laugh...standing on the dishwasher stealing the hamburger buns for dinner!  It is something every day.

He is also 16 months old today! Will have to do an update on that later!

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