Saturday, August 25, 2012


I think I'm becoming a twice a month blogger. I just haven't taken that many pictures lately and I hate to blog and not have any pictures! I made an effort today to take some though (not that we did anything special).

Last weekend, we went to Will Blocker's 1st birthday party. Such a cute and creative jungle themed party! Hudson and I had a lot of fun with the party favors afterwards (and it's really creepy to me that you can only see my eyebrows--ha!).

Will's first birthday meant that we are 7 weeks away from Harrison's first birthday (6 weeks now--eek!). I think it's about time I start figuring out what to do for his party! Part of me just really doesn't want to do anything...he won't even know it's for him! But, the other part of me knows that making it a full year (especially with all the ups and downs and sickness we've had with him this year) does call for a big celebration! And, we had a party for Hudson, so I hate for Harrison to be left out! I'm sure we will at least do a small family celebration--I mean, I have to see what he will do with a smash cake! I have an idea (he doesn't turn down meals!), but can't wait to see for sure!

Yesterday, I went down to Auburn to have lunch with my good friend Ashley from college. Her little girl, Claudia, just started Kindergarten this week and I told her a year ago that on Claudia's first day of school, I would come down there and have lunch with her to maybe help her get through the day! Well, I missed the first day by 5 days, but at least I made it down there in the same week! I just had the best time catching up. It was a short visit, but a fun one. And, it was great being down in Auburn. I miss that place so much. I told Joel when I got home that I think we should move there. :)  He said that a lot of people are retiring there (guess that was my answer!).

I snapped a quick picture of the Toomer's trees before I left--I was a little embarassed to take a picture with my big mom camera, so it's not a great picture, but you can see how awful they look. It is just really sad!

So, back to the whole Kindergarten thing. It has really hit home with me this week (with ALL the first day pictures I have seen!) that Hudson will start Kindergarten in 2 years. That just doesn't seem that far away and it already is breaking my heart! I can't imagine how I will be on that first day. It will be here before I know it though so it's really making me treasure these last 2 years that I will have with him! We are already starting to talk about it though and he knows that when he's 5, he will go to big school!

Harrison has been quite difficult these past few weeks (probably why I haven't taken many pictures lately--they would just be of him fussing). His new teacher is trying to get them all on a one nap a day schedule and he is having a really hard time adjusting. He is just not ready to drop that morning nap! But, it is what it is, and we're dealing with it. It just makes for a really hard time between 3:30 and 7 pm! Some days, I put him down again when we get home because he is so inconsolable, but that does seem to mess up his night schedule a bit so it is better to deal with it and put him down for the night between 6:30 and 7. He basically sleeps away the day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday when we are home to catch up. I know he will adjust though and the one nap a day thing really is better--it gives so much more freedom to us, but for now, he's still doing two naps at home.

He is all over the place though. Here he is trying to climb the slide...

Hudson had an adjustment to his new preschool too. The first week was hard--really hard. He came home the second day and told me that his new friends didn't like him and that they wouldn't talk to him. I cried myself to sleep that night. It just hurt my heart (he later said that it was the girls that wouldn't talk to him and I told him that he just needed to get used to girls being mean because that's never going to change!). What am I going to do in the teenage years??? :) But, we stayed positive and pressed on, and I'm happy to say now that things have gotten SO much better. He is happy to go everyday and see his new friends. He talks about his "new school" all the time, he loves his teachers, and I can already see how much he is learning. He does still talk about his old school, and especially his buddy Caleb, but hopefully we will see Caleb soon for a play date! He really does have a great personality and seems to fit right in with whatever. I'm thankful for that. He is the best kid...I just love him so much it hurts and I am just so proud of him. He has had so much come his way with the new school and having to be potty trained and he has done so well with it all.

This picture below is awful of us, but it just shows how active Harrison is these days. He wants to be on the go and not held for a second!

Hudson loves driving Harrison around in the Jeep. Harrison is happy with it as long as Hudson keeps moving. If he stops for a second, it's all over!

I just thought this was so cute. Hudson really does take care of his little brother (even keeping an arm around him while he drives!). Makes my heart melt!

I think Hudson is saying, "Mom, Harrison busted out again!!!" Harrison knows how to undo the velcro strap, but luckily Hudson knows not to drive when he's not strapped in!
I think this post is becoming so random, but that is our life. Today, Hudson completely busted on the driveway and scraped his knees up. They were bleeding pretty badly, so a bandaid was a must. You would have thought that it was the end of the world. This kid is TERRIFIED of bandaids. I mean, not being able to breathe, terrified. We had to put it on him though because there would be blood everywhere! I had to take a picture (mean mama!).

Phew, this has taken me a while to update, so that's all for tonight! Until next time...

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  1. So glad you were able to enjoy the favors from Will's party! I noticed Harrison's pj's in a few of those pics...Will has the same pair! They're already almost too small. Also, Will is having a hard time adjusting to one nap, too. He's happy until about 5:30 and then we have to do dinner, bath, and bed right then. He's usually asleep in his crib by 7. I hate he's so tired in the afternoons, but like you said, it is what it is. :) So good seeing y'all at Will's party! thanks for coming!