Friday, February 16, 2018


We spent Thanksgiving with Joel's family at the lake this year. It was a beautiful day and we ate ourselves silly. The boys played a lot of football outside and ran around the entire time. It was a perfect time and we can't wait to spend lots of weekends there this summer when the new house is finished!  
We tried to take a family picture, but my kids were NOT having it. It's a little far away anyway!

 What could be better?!?
Sadly, that was the extent of my picture taking on Thanksgiving. I don't know how I did not get a picture of all the food! And we played a fun game where we had teams and were given a nursery rhyme and we had to sing a song about the lake. Our song was I've Been Working on the Railroad" and our lyrics were about working on the lake house and it taking FOREVER long to finish. It was hilarious and we most definitely won! :)

Later on that afternoon, we headed to my parent's cabin. They graciously waited on us this year and we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Friday up there. So, we got two Thanksgivings this year! Not that my waistline needed that, but it sure was good!

Friday afternoon, my parents took us to a farm that one of their friends owns. It was such a fun afternoon. We started out feeding their chickens.

The reason why we went is because the people that own the farm raise peacocks, and they had laid some eggs that were to hatch at any moment. They thought they would have hatched by the time that we got there so we were really looking forward to seeing some baby peacocks. However, when we went in the cage, there were a couple of broken eggs and one that hadn't hatched yet, and they decided that they probably weren't going to end up being viable eggs. Boo! But, it was still fun. The boys were IN the cage with the big peacocks and the peacocks started flipping out. It was kind of a crazy few moments there trying to get the boys out! :)

 They had a cute little barn that we walked through and took some pictures.

 My sister and sister in law! :)
 The boys were all over the hay bales!

Then we went to see their cows. There were several baby cows that the boys wanted to go pet, but the mama cows just wouldn't have us getting close this time! We did get to see several cows "playing twister" as Morgan called it, so that was fun explaining (or NOT explaining!) that to the kids, haha!

We stayed the rest of the weekend and had a wonderful time!

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