Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wrapping Up the School Year

School wrapped up several weeks ago and I have yet to update on May!
Hudson had his third and final Market Day. I actually think this was in April, but oh well. He loves science and experiments, so for this one, he made about 10 diet coke/mentos packages, including instructions on how to make it explode. He did a commercial for it too. He sold out very quickly. Market Day was really such a pain, however, if you ask Hudson what he liked best about 2nd grade, he will immediately say it was Market Day. And, he learned a lot about the importance of saving money, and what it takes to have to pay bills and tickets (ahem, lots of tickets!), and that you can save up and buy what you really want if you plan! So, all in all, it was good.
The boys and I helped Fight Hunger at our church with our friends (Joel was out of town). I think our entire time slot packed 40,000 meals in 2 hours. It was insane, but so, so fun. We will not miss this event ever again if we can help it. Our kids need to know about people that are hungry-they live such a privileged life and so this was very good for them to realize not everyone is so lucky. It was amazing to see how into it they got! The hair nets were a nice look!

Both boys finished baseball in the first round of the playoffs. It was a disappointing end, but both had good seasons. Harrison was terribly disappointed in the loss, as you can tell below! Ha!

 Hudson is officially a cardinals fan after this baseball season!
 Whoa...yikes...clearly, cleaning closets were at the very top of the to-do list this summer. I should have posted an after picture.
 Hudson stole my work softphone and was pretending to be a sports broadcaster!

 So, this was the last year of preschool. Cue the tears. Our church had a 4K blessing back in early May where they recognized all of them. Such a sweet group.
 Harrison's best buddy, Grayson!
 The very next week was Kindergarten orientation! Harrison got a tour of the school and said he did not like it at all. Not sure how August is going to go, but he better change his tune! He looks happy in these pictures, so maybe he's just trying to make it harder on Mommy! :)

 We just can't get enough of baseball...we enjoyed watching Vestavia play in the playoffs! I'm still having to warm up to cheer on the red and blue. I'm still a green and gold Spartan at heart! :)

 We went and watched Auburn play at Regions Field! This was such a fun night even though Auburn played so horribly! The boys would not leave even though it was a school night. Finally the 7th inning stretch came and everyone stood up and the boys thought the game was over, so we were able to make our exit! I think it was close to 10!
 Hudson had his first guitar recital. He started taking lessons in January and I was actually not going to make him do this recital because he was so new to it, but he wanted to do it. And, he did great! He did not make one single mistake, and wasn't nervous at all. We were SO proud of him!

Harrison had his 4K graduation and it was a tear fest as usual! Geez...they are precious, but why do we have to do a slide show to make everyone cry! It was really cute though. They had gotten all of the kids to speak on camera and asked them various questions, and Harrison's question was "What do you think you will learn in Kindergarten?" He said that he would learn to read. Right on, buddy!

 We're going to miss this cute group in Kindergarten. Only one of them is going to Harrison's school, but they will all be meeting at the church after school each day so they'll still get to play!

 Oh, this teacher...she is SO, SO, good. Harrison was so blessed this year to have her and has learned so much. It's going to be hard to leave sweet Mrs. Deborah!

 Our little graduate!
 On to Kindergarten he goes!
Hudson had his year end class party. Their class is Miss Carr's Race Cars, so the party was centered around relay races. The kids had to carry a matchbox car on a wooden spoon in this relay race. It was so fun!

 Red light, green light, was a must too!

It was a hard year for Hudson, but a good one.

 Lilla and her favorite little boy on earth!
 Hello summer!

 Last day of school pics! Hudson won 2 awards in his class this year, Hardest Worker, and Always Helpful. I was pretty happy about that! I hope he can keep those traits forever!
 And let's not even talk about this BUZZ cut. This is what happens when Joel takes the kids to get their hair cut. I might have cried a little when I first saw him!

Last day of 4K!
More summer fun coming soon!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Strawberry Picking

Back at the end of April, Carrie and I took the kids to pick strawberries one Saturday morning. We went to the Jerry Marsh farm in Locust Fork. It was about a 40 minute drive. I really had no idea what to expect, but it was a beautiful little piece of property out in the middle of nowhere, with rows and rows of strawberries.  

All the farm had was a little tent where you could get your baskets and pay, and that was it. It was definitely nothing overly special and no other activities there. But, it was such a fun experience! Of course I had to get 2 buckets for my crew, one for each kid. It was $10 for one, so for $20, we had more strawberries than I knew what to do with!

 The kids ate a few along the way too. Nothing better than a freshly picked strawberry! Rooney literally had strawberry juice all over her by the end. Not sure how much picking she really did...pretty sure she ate her weight in strawberries!

The kids spent about 30-45 minutes picking strawberries. It was fun watching them try to get the best ones, or the biggest ones, funniest shape, etc. Definitely worth the trip!

 I spent about an hour that afternoon cutting up strawberries. I froze 2 big bags full, kept 1 big bag for us to eat that week, and gave 1 big bag to the Reed's. It was a ton!

First thing the boys wanted to do with them was to make a strawberry milkshake. They are really into making their own milkshakes these days. They put anything and everything in them, and do it all themselves! They just find whatever they want in the pantry and fridge and go to town. It's fun. They had not done a plain strawberry milkshake yet, so they were pretty excited. We were keeping Rooney that night too, so she helped make it too! (that cup of strawberries ended up on the floor about 2 seconds after this pic was taken--ooops!)

 She LOVED it! They did a pretty good job if I must say so myself! The milkshake was fabulous!

The next day, we made strawberry muffins and they were the best strawberry muffins I have ever had. Such a fun little experience. We will definitely do it again next year!

And just because I don't have little girls that will let me play with their hair, I had to post a picture of sweet Roo who let me French braid her hair that night! We had so much fun!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


We had a great Easter this year! The Easter bunny showed up, which was very surprising to Harrison because he was thinking that he had not been good enough for the Easter bunny this year. We never said anything about the Easter bunny not coming though! He just had it in his mind that he had not been a model little boy lately! :) It was like Christmas morning when he saw his little basket full though (the Easter bunny doesn't bring much--if it can't fit in a basket, it's not showing up on Easter Sunday!).

Why does he look so OLD in this picture!?!?!

 After a few obligatory pictures, it was off to church!

My family joined us for lunch at our house. Now that I am finally getting to host family gatherings, I brought out the Blue Willow china that Joel's grandmother gave us as a wedding present almost 12 years ago. She passed away shortly before we got married. I love this china and was so happy to finally get it out of the box! Shame on me for waiting this long!

 We had a little egg hunt too!
 Things were going SO well...
 Everyone was happy...
 Until Harrison found the golden egg! I did not even realize that Hudson was in the background until after I took these pictures.
 He was SO upset!!!
He threw his basket and stomped off, going inside, and locking himself in his room. He even missed lunch! It was hilarious...he may have gotten some of my competitive spirit! :)

The golden egg had about $1 in it. It was not high stakes at all. And, the boys were the one to fill it up so they knew what was in it! Haha!

My family ended up staying half the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day and we spent most of it playing in the yard! Hudson did finally come around. I can assure you that there will be no more golden eggs in our near future though!